About Estrela da Floresta

Located in Planalto region of Angola, Estrela da Floresta is a forestry company managing 18 land concessions leased from the Government of Angola. The Company has been recently established with the intention of developing new forestry plantations and rehabilitating the old pulpwood plantations in the region. With over 80,000 hectares of forests plus an additional land bank, the Company aims to achieve strong, long-term returns through the use of internationally recognized best forestry practices. Estrela da Floresta is currently developing the concessions in Alto Catumbela, Cuima and Sanguengue.

Headquartered in Huambo, Angola, Estrela da Floresta’s reforestation operations will replace decades of generally poor and often unregulated forestry practices with revitalized large-scale timber plantations. This resource will provide local communities with livelihoods, create opportunities for new industrial partners and provide more timber for the undersupplied domestic market.

Large scale commercial operations will also feed into smaller, local operations, widening business opportunities and providing scope for the creation of additional small enterprises. These enterprises will form an integral part of the forest value chain, adding socio-economic benefits in respect of business generation and job creation.

Estrela da Floresta is owned and managed by the Swiss-based investment firm, Quantum Global.