Vendor Guidelines

Estrela da Floresta is inviting all parties interested in purchasing roundwood logs to contact the Company Sales Manager.
The presentation letter should include, in minimum, the following information:

  • previous experience in wood harvesting and processing
  • the planned monthly volume in m3
  • current harvesting capacity and equipment
  • intended use of roundwood, including for all wood assortments
  • investment plan for local wood processing, if any
  • area where buyer is principally interested to buy wood.

Estrela da Floresta is currently selling wood standing after a pre-harvest inventory. Wood sold is eucalyptus, in roundwood form (stumpage sales), consisting of all commercial assortments. Diameters and quality vary per area. Contracts are for fixed volumes and for 1 compartment at a time.

Customers are responsible for wood harvesting and residue clearing after harvesting. All customers will need to fulfill safety, social and environmental requirements of Estrela da Floresta as defined in the contracts and/or Estrela da Floresta policies.

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